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We instill life in paper

> We print softcover and hardcover books in order to satisfy the most sophisticated taste. This is the most essential part of our printing activity.We create a perfect paper product, a printed work of art with uncompromising quality. Our books are our business cards.

Our portfolio has gathered numerous book projects, different in size and style. Whether your books are black-and-white, full-color or a combination of the two, you can count on great print quality.

For our hardcover book editions we use a large variety of papers, many types of binding and finishing options.

You may have heard that printing hardcovered books is much more expensive but with our flexible price policy you will get exactly what you want and will be impressed by the price offer and quality of our printing.

Our softcover printed books have a paper cover, generally – the same size as the hardcover. Inside the book, printing and binding are identical to the hardcover edition. The main difference is the weight – the softcovered books are pretty much lighter and a bit less expensive.

When you choose a cover for your printing project, you must have in mind what is your purpose, what do you intent to achieve, it’s good to have also a very good knowledge of your target audience.

A well designed cover, with the right finishing, can make a difference and can help you stand out from the competition.

Find a partner you can trust and let us advice you what the best options are. We can provide all the information and support needed and we can print the best hardcover or softcover book, exactly for your needs.

> We offer pre–press and layout design for magazines and books because it is always good to have the work done perfectly.
We create unique cover designs for magazines and books and rely on high printing standards. Our printed products bring true value for the readers due to our dream team of experts in branding and graphic design.

> We save you time and money because we have a responsible team and production facilities capable of materializing anything that might come to your mind, optimizing continuously the production processes. We deliver your products to your doorstep – because we know what it is to wait and we respect your time and efforts. And we welcome you back again.

> We print more – catalogues, magazines, brochures, leaflets, posters, notebooks – in order to present you and your business appropriately. We produce also the most abstract printed materials – in order to challenge the imagination and the competition. We offer a large variety of binding techniques for your printing products such as: perfect binding; PUR-perfect bound; saddle-stitching; side-stitching; thread sewing; comb binding; spiral binding; loose-leaf binding; padding;

> How it is done? Accurately, in good quality and on time – exactly as it befits a printed work of art. We win every battle by preparing well. There is everything necessary in our uncompromising army for best quality printing, state of the art hardware thanks of which we realise your most daring ideas.

We use high quality materials and printing machines.

Our printing presses give us unlimited possibilities in terms of achievements and an absolute serenity in terms of deadlines and results.

And every day we leverage our talents and technologies to make the printing process more immediate, time-saving and environmentally friendly.

Printing machines:

  • Heidelberg SpeedMaster CD 102-5 CP 200
  • Rapida 105-4
  • Rapida 72-4
  • X-RITE-500 Komori System 38 S
  • Komori Lithrone S 840
  • Rapida 74-5+L AL V2
  • Heidelberg SpeedMaster SM-74
  • Heidelberg PrintMaster PM-52
  • Speedmaster SM74-5 colours

Quality control machines:

  • CtP Lüscher Xpose 130
  • Spektrophotometer Techkon SpektroDens Advanced
  • Spektrophotometrisches Kontrollsystem Digital Ink Preset System
  • Kodak Trendsetter 2008
  • Kodak Mercury V6 NELA Ecobender

Finishing works:

  • Brehmer Leipzig Polygraph VEB Buchbindermaschine 771-8
  • Brehmer Leipzig Polygraph VEB Buchbindermaschine 735/4-8 KT-4
  • Brehmer McCain S1000T
  • Renz Autobind 500
  • Perfecta Schneidesysteme 132
  • Perfecta Schneidesysteme 115 HTVC
  • Polar 78 Schneidesystem
  • Wohlenberg Schneidesystem
  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH 56
  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti 52
  • Stanzmaschine YAWA TYML 750A
  • GUK FA 52/4-2-1k-FH Falzwerk
  • MBO K760/4KL
  • MBO 760 ES-KTL-4

Only true professionals know that printing site calculators are no good.

Our process

  • Quote

    Use our inquiry form to get our best printing proposal. It will only take a few moments to generate your inquiry by clicking on the link above.

  • Prepare

    Once you have completed your printing document, just send us your files - we accept many different file types. We will contact you if any questions should arise.

  • Proof

    Before the presses start running we will send you a PDF or hard copy proof. This is your chance to double check that everything is just right before the printing.

  • Print

    Our production staff will impose, print, cut, collate, assemble and bind your product efficiently. We will even ship your items to wherever they need to be.

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Our Eco Statement

We use materials produced through bio-energy, recycled fibres and alternative methods, from the best European producers.

We guarantee that 3% of every product produced with these materials, will be transferred to our eco-fund.

All the funds we are saving will be used for planting trees together with you – our customers.

Now and in the future we will use the latest technology to minimize negative impact on the environment.